KOK Series Combo

Miêu tả:

KOK-Series, a specialized filtration combo for Fish Ponds and Aquariums. The unique combination allows perfect filtering of water.

  • Bobbin wound fiberglass filter tank
  • Easy-to-use 6-way multi-port valve and water drain plug
  • Transparent lid cover allows easy inspection of filtration bed
  • Diffuser with curved fan ensures better distribution of water over the media bed
  • The PE granule filter media creates an enormous filter surface that filters both small particle and bacteria from the water
  • Air release valve enables easy release of trapped air during operation of the filter
  • Equips with Emaux pump to generate water flows
  • Equips with Emaux Air blower to allow an efficient and effective air scouring
  • Applicable for most of Fish Pond & Aquarium filtration system
  • PE Granule filtration media included
  • Refer to 6-Way Multi-port Valve