EMD Series Combo

Miêu tả:

EMD-Series, a comprehensive filtration system in a specially designed box. The Filtration Box is reinforced plastic with glass fiber. No professional management and supervision are needed during operation.

  • With the application of Australia's technical production and equipment, glass fiber reinforced plastic box is made of durable and anti-corrosion material as well as anti-embroidered and anti-ultraviolet radiation.
  • High-quality filtration equipments to comply with the traditional sand filtration tank to ensure a thorough filtering and offer sparkling clean pool water
  • Suitable for different shape and size of swimming pool. The filtration system components can be chosen according to different needs
  • Fully automation. No professional management and supervision needed during operation. 6-way multiport valve installed with the filter is able to help controlling the filtration process with ease, even more convenient than filtration system with membrane.
  • Quiet running. The noise level is under the national environment standard.