RGB-TP100 Series

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Plastic Underwater Light: RGB-TP100 Series

The new Emaux RGB-H200 Series Underwater Light allows users to not only bright up their pool but also control the atmosphere of their pool. It features 10 different colour modes: 6 beautiful static colours and 4 colour-changing sequences.

For single light installation, the on/off switch controls the colour changes. For multiple lights installation, the optional remote control system is used to control and synchronize the colour changes.

The Light also has excellent heat sink and a special coating on the back plate to enhance the anti-corrosion effect. With the use of integrated high-power LED diodes, each generating 24W of power, and a 12 volt system, the Light will enjoy an efficient and long life span.

  • Material: ABS + UV stabilizer
  • Cable: 2.5m
  • Waterproof: IP68
  • Installation: Wall Mounted (Flat type)