Remote Control & Control Box for Multiple Lights

Miêu tả:

The AC power of 600W at maximum fed into the control box is divided into 2 lines each of which can support up to 300W of load (10 LED lights). The control for lights on the same line is by nature synchronized meanwhile synchronization of control over both lines (all lights) is also possible.

  • Maximum load of 600W with power indicator
  • Made from fire-proof ABS material
  • Electrical overload & leakage protection
  • Two control modes-manual mode and timer mode in which the ON/OFF time of load can be set.
  • 65 IP rating suitable for outdoor use
  • A remote control is provided to interact with control box from distance
  • Simple and easy operation with 3 keys:
  1. 8 effects are numbered; RESET key set all lights to the first effect;
  2. POOL and SPA key are used to change effect of lights connected to POOL line and SPA line respectively;
  3. S+P key can change effect of all lights at the same time.

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