Đèn led dưới nước E-Lumen

Miêu tả:

E-Lumen Colour Changing Underwater Light applies the LED technology which has been proved to be the most eco-friendly light source with high efficieny , life span and quality. With the combinations of RGB individual LEDs, colour arrays with different modes are achieved under your full control. The special design of the lens provides a sleek profile against the pool wall allowing for efficient use of pool cleaners.

- The 35W colour changing LED uses less energy than tradtional halogen underwater light.

- Wall-mount design for easy and cost saving installation.

- Continuous operation if a single LED fails.

- 7 fixed colours to choose based on your individual preferences

- 8 fascinating pre-programmed choices of colour from continuous operation to fixed colour to fading in and out options providing different moods for family members to enjoy